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Are there college interviews? How will they be conducted?

Most colleges have on-campus interviews for those applicants who are able to visit the campus during or before the application review process. For those applicants who cannot attend an on-campus interview due to distance or other extenuating circumstances, some colleges arrange alumni interviews in other locations. Both of these kinds of interviews are intended to give your application a human feel, and to allow a representative of the college to meet you and get a sense of you as a person. Like the essay, this is a valuable opportunity to get the committee to see beyond the numbers to what makes you unique and interesting – don’t waste it!

Interviewers are impressed by confidence and poise, of course, but it is also important that you have interesting things to say and questions of your own. Remember, the interview is also an opportunity for you to learn about the school, so come prepared. Dressing appropriately for interviews can also be important. Generally, “business casual” is the appropriate level of formality for college interviews – you don’t want to come in jeans, but you also don’t want to look like you are going to a funeral! Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable, but gives the interviewer the impression that you are taking the event seriously.

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