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We provide you with professional advice on how to fashion an application essay that will optimize your chances at getting into the business school of your choice. Our uncompromising ivy league editors will go over your application essay with a fine-tooth comb, ensuring good structure, style, and grammatical correctness. In addition, we will make suggestions as to the organization and content of your essay. We know what business schools are looking for, from our experience on both sides of the application process. Not only have we helped many candidates get into top business schools, but we have gotten into top schools ourselves.

Our editors will discuss your essays with you over the telephone, and there is no limit to the amount of time we will devote to improving your application essays. We will work hand-in-hand with you, explaining and clarifying our suggestions, until you are satisfied with the result. We aim to produce an essay that is a unique, creative, and accurate portrait of your strengths and attributes. Getting the most mileage out of a short essay is our expertise. We are perfectionists, and we know how to make you look excellent on paper.

How it works

You email us the drafts of your business school essays, at least two weeks before the admissions deadline (you should allow much more time than this, but two weeks is the minimum that we will accept). Within a few days, we mail back a revised copy that incorporates all grammatical corrections, along with a brief synopsis of our suggestions for a revision of content. If we have questions for you or feel that any of our suggestions require discussion, we will call you right off the bat. Even WE don't feel the need to consult with you upon our preliminary editing, YOU might, so we will be happy to call you to respond to any questions you might have at our own cost. Simply email us to the effect that you would like to talk and a time that's convenient to you. Then you simply revise the draft, incorporating our suggestions, and the whole process repeats, until you are totally satisfied with the result.


The price of unlimited hours of professional editing advice is $495 per set of questions for one business school. This price is dramatically lower than those of our competitors, some of which charge an astronomical $1,500 for each aplication essay they read.

Additionally, we offer the following services for $295 each:

Editing of recommendations (up to three)

Resume consulting and editing

Check of your application forms (per school)

Special Manhattan Edit Fellowship

This year, in addition to our standard service, we are offering to high potential business school applicants a greatly reduced price of $1,195 for the editing of three essays (this is a savings of nearly $300!!). To qualify, you must be applying to high ranking European business schools and/or to "top 20" American MBA programs. You must have a GMAT score of 680 or higher. In addition, you promise to reveal the admissions decisions of the schools whose applications we help you with, and allow us to use your essays in our literature. We ask this only so that we can accumulate an accurate body of statistical admissions data. We want to know how well our service is working!

If you think you may be eligible for this special Manhattan Edit fellowship, write us an email that includes the schools to which you are applying, your undergraduate major and GPA, your GMAT score, and your work experience. Don't worry. This can be extremely brief and informal. We aim to make this process easier for you, not increase you burden by requiring yet another application essay!

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