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GMAT - the role of the GMAT in the business school application process

Let's face it, if your GMAT can't compete, neither will you. For many (but not all) top MBA programs, the GMAT acts as a sort of preliminary elimination tool for admissions committees. You should, then, in order to give yourself a fair chance, score as highly as possible on the test. It is especially important for international students to prepare in order to bring up their verbal scores in order to compete with native English speakers. You should put in as much time as you possibly can studying for the GMAT to get your score into the "acceptable" realm for top business schools--usually around 650. You should seriously consider enrolling in a preparatory course to give you that extra edge. Although the price and time commitment may at first seem high, when you consider what a high GMAT score can do for you in the long run, it is well worth it. Our overwhelmingly successful, test-prep course, the Manhattan Review, offers unique strategies and is geared particularly towards international students. You can view our webpage with links to courses in New York, London and Germany at It is important to note, though, that once your score is within the "acceptable"range for the school you want, it is not wise to take the test over and over again to nudge your score up a few extra points. This time would be better spent fine-tuning your essays.

What does Test-prep do for me?

It is very important that you prepare yourself for the GMAT if only to demystify the test. You put yourself at a terrible disadvantage, going into the test not knowing what to expect. Familiarizing yourself with the format of the sections and the various question types in advance of entering the room will put you at ease and save valuable time reading directions.

What is the GMAT?

For those of you who are familiar with the SAT, the GMAT is very similar in content. ETS creates and administers both test, and they generally cover the same kinds of material, Basic English grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension, and simple math skills such as arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. Because the test covers skills encountered so early in one's academic career, skills that are freshest while still in the throws of academia, it is usually best to take the test while still in college or shortly after. Business school's generally weight the math score more heavily than the verbal, but it is especially important for international students to prepare for the GMAT, so that they are ready to match up with native English speakers. Our prep. course places a special emphasis on this sort of preparation. There is also an "essay" section of the GMAT, and essays are graded from 1 to 6. This is generally viewed as the least weighty. Our course teaches you a specific format with which you will easily beat the GMAT essays. See the webpage of Manhattan Review for general tips for test preparation and links to our local courses:

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