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What's our purpose??

In today's ultra-demanding job market a bachelor's degree will no longer suffice to launch your career to its greatest potential. An MBA from a top business school is now an essential tool for aspiring executives. It is no wonder, then, that the number of applicants rises each year, forcing top business schools to become more and more selective, with many now accepting fewer than twenty percent. This web-page is designed to teach you how to make sure you beat the odds. We've tried to include what we know about getting into B-school, after having done it ourselves and helping others do it by raising their GMAT scores. Read through what our experience has to offer, and if you think that you need more pointed, personalized help, let us know. Our advice can also be applied to students applying to top undergraduate programs, law schools, and internships. We'd be glad to work through your essays and application with you and/or refer you to our overwhelmingly successful test-prep courses.

Do I really have to prepare??

Getting into business school is about finding a way to distinguish yourself among your already distinguished competition. Chances are, you won't get into a top MBA program without GMATs in the mid 600s, although there are exceptions, the most common being those with unusual backgrounds such as technical or non-profit work; there are a slew of consultants and finance people applying in comparison to these sorts, and business schools want diverse classes. It also is important to remember, though, that even if you do have high scores, a high college GPA, and years of impressive work experience (all things that top schools are looking for), so do many others, many more, in fact, than top b-schools have room for in their classes. This is not meant to discourage you. To the contrary! We want to encourage you to prepare your applications as thoroughly as possible.

Don't withhold one extra minute of time or one ounce of your creative energy or intelligence. The competition certainly won't. Once you've achieved a GMAT score that your satisfied with, you must think carefully about how you can use the other parts of the B-school application to play up the attributes that set you apart from all the other over-achievers. Once you have a GMAT score that puts you in the ballpark acceptable to top MBA programs (and you should take the test as many times as necessary, until you do), you should concentrate your efforts on showing the admissions committee that you are much more than just a number.

Why GO for it??-what does an MBA from a top school get you

Statistics show not only a pronounced difference in salary between graduates of top MBA programs and the MBA-less (the latter earns on average double the former), but also a substantial gap in pay between those with MBA's from top schools and those who graduate from lower-ranked institutions. It IS literally worth your while to seek expert advice and prepare your application meticulously so that you can aim high, at the top B-schools. Increased salary, though, is by no means the only benefit of an MBA from a top business school. Job flexibility and security, enhanced upward mobility, and the satisfaction of doing more interesting, significant work number among the many reasons hundreds of thousands of applicants play their hands at the business school admissions game each year.

The game, however, does not have to be one of mere luck or one whose outcome depends on past performance alone. Success or failure is in no way pre-determined. You can learn from our valuable experience (we have played the game and won!) how to use the components of the business school application to your advantage. Test scores, interviews, recommendations, and especially essays can all be used to your advantage, to show admissions committees that you are the candidate they are looking for, to make your application a colorful one in a sea of monochromatic B-school hopefuls. Don't look at GMATs and essay writing as cumbersome tasks that you must get through, but rather as your opportunity to get into the school of your choice and launch the career of your dreams. Give it all you've got. You won't regret it.

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